More recently...


Project: Brainy Army Shop

Client: Brainy Army

Working together with our goals...

This online shop lead us to create an enjoyable experience and inspire a good vibe. We built something that turns your day brighter, or just makes an awesome gift for someone else. So, we've designed some unique products that embody a mystic, ironic and amusing concepts, focusing more on people like us, other local artists or just anyone else who shares a passion for games and digital nerdy stuff.
Being our first project together and working with other friends, we've made various products, from factory products to hand crafted ones, reflecting each others ideas and background. We've played with the traditional mediums and combined them with the digital ones, making t-shirts, coasters, stickers, prints, figurines, digital elements, graphics and sounds.

On the long run...

The shop was up and running for one year, but for now we've decided to pause it, so that we can focus on the other projects. Taking a little break will give us time to rethink the project in a more sustainable way, by bring it to its full potential. Until then, we could also reinforce the team so we can start again in a new formula, that may include more local artists, with their personal concepts, implemented in useful or decorative objects.
We hope, it will be a great way to support the authentic artists and to grow a community that creates well made & unique hand crafts objects. Our goals will remain the same - on the long term we desire to shape a concious way of seeing the world around us, with a direct impact on everyday living.


Artwork & product name: Indie

Client: Brainy Army

Services:  Product Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print, T-shirt Design 

Bonus contribution: Package & Labeling, Product Photography, Involved in Production & Distribution Process 

The story...

I've originally designed this for our shop, because I've a huge passion for indie games, so I keep an eye on most of them. I usually play when I've some spare time, although there are so many great indies these days and it's hard to keep up. Regardless of my initial idea, I've tried to illustrate something for the hard work that lays behind any independent project, where artists are striving to succeed by themselves.


Artwork & product name: Vin și Vise

Client: Brainy Army

Services:  T-shirt Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print

Bonus contribution: Package & Labeling, Product Photography, Involved in Production & Distribution Process 

The story...

The product's name is a metaphor, the word "Vin" can be translated into "Wine" and "Come", while the word "Vise" means "Dreams". So the rough idea is Wine and Dreams or Dreams Come, it was designed for those people whose passions doesn't allow them to sleep.


Artwork & product name: Zâmbește Dragă

Client: Brainy Army

Services:  Product Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print

Bonus contribution: Package & Labeling, Product

Photography, Involved in Production & Distribution Process 

The story...

Someone said to me once, "smile my dear!", in romanian - "Zâmbește dragă!". So, I wanted to illustrate those words. People can share the message on their desk, to improve the clients mood, or their morning routine. It may as well be just a gift or a message for someone in need of a smile. Well... it could also deliver sarcasm, if you're in need of irony!


Final words...

Designing products is definitely a worthwhile experience, I've made illustrations, package designs and I've took care of all details to create that story I was looking for. I've even worked in the local workshop we had, by getting dirty with serigraphic printing for t-shirts and creating other products, which I can say, it's a messy job!


Project: Nature's Prophet Client: BAB

Services: Character Illustration


Alex wanted to portrait Nature's Prophet from Dota 2 in a way that will fit his new Twitch channel. So, I've recreated the character from the game and illustrate this concept, hopefully into a more strong and personal character, that could stand aparat from the rest of the avatars.


Project: Zona Moarta Client: Tesla Cilum

Services: T-shirt Illustration for serigraphic printing


While we were printing the t-shirts for our shop, I've illustrated this concept for a local artist, to create his own t-shirts. I think I've captured a little bit from his vision... "Zona Moarta" which could be translated as Dead Zone.

From older projects...


Project: Buggy Bug Client: Yunio

Services: Game Design, Illustration, Character & Environment Art, UI & HUD, Design for mobile devices, Branding, Animation

Bonus contribution: VFX


I've worked several months on this project and it was a really great experience overall. I've made all the art for this game, lots of elements, characters, animations and environment, it was awesome. Although, I must say I was a bit disappointed at the end, about how the project was managed. As far as I know, the game never got published, so the work remained unused, pretty bad...


Project: Timbo Client: Fivebits

Services:  Illustration & 2D Art, Design for mobile devices, Character Design & 2D Animations


Do you remember the old Nokia Snake game? Well, Timbo is similar with that, but it's much harder! I helped Manuel with this sequel, and I must say it turn out into a fun little addictive game.


Project: Lines Game Client: Idea Studios 

Services:  Illustration & 2D Art, Design for mobile devices, Character Design & 2D Animations


These guys were great! I've animated all the screens and elements in Flash and worked with them on a few other small games. So, I've attached below a few other examples were I've made several designs and illustrations, within those projects.

Silly Invaders

Project: Silly Invaders Client: Jürgen Ray

Services:  Illustration, Game Design, HUD & UI, Branding 


This was a fun project to work on! The above map is part of a few other illustrations that I've made within the game. So, there were also other screens, UI, HUD and last but not least, the splash page, icon and logo.


Project: Cousinz Games 

Services:  Illustration & 2D Art, Design for mobile devices, Character Design & Animation


Some older animations and illustrations I've made for a small punch game. Unfortunately, and as far as I know, it never came out to light, but it had some fun animations.

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