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Snuggle Munsters

Snuggle Münsters

Client: Reise Berry-Campbell

Services: Branding & Illustration

So, as Reise said, when we think about childhood monsters, we usually think of something we're afraid of at night. The name suggests that kids no longer have to be afraid of monsters. We wanted the brand to illustrate comfort in terms of ease of sleep for the kids.

Pumn de Tarana

Pumn de Țărână

Client: Onisim Lungu

Services: Logo Design, Website Design

A good friend of mine who knows how to properly utter words wanted to define his graphic signature as an artist, to mark his work in a simple way, that reflects his concept. So, we've worked together on the concept. From that point on, I took care of the production process, in order to create his website in a simple manner, hopefully to fulfill his vision.


Client: Brainy Army

Services: Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation, Website Design, Branding

Bonus contribution: Management, Photography, and more...


What I first wanted changed in time as I've learned new things and changed myself, but I think the vision and what we promote stayed the same.


I can roughly describe today Brainy Army as a local creative studio, that tries, through artistic abilities and imagination, to inform and inspire people and also to offer a pleasant experience that could produce a positive impact in people's lives. We've developed different projects from an online cooking show with tips and information to a local creative shop, daily posts and articles, about food, games, books, lifestyle, nerd stuff and other things that we love.


My work and contribution...

Well, I'm in charge with most of the decisions and how things are managed. I've hired myself and created most of the designs, the website, logo, banners, posters you name it, but I've also worked almost on everything with my sister and a few other friends to bring the project closer to people. We've created most of the content and we continue to add new content, that will follow our vision.

Working together, sharing experiences, skills and ideas has lead us to create this independent creative studio, where our vision met on the middle point. But, Brainy Army extends its ground outside our minds and stands out for a community of big ideas, by reaching out to all creative human beings who share our common values about lifestyle, continuous learning & art.

Our studio stands for a particular "entourage", which allows us to express our artistic abilities, by creating a whole picture. In the future we hope that our team will grow and bring new ideas on board.

Fit the Fat

Project: Fit the Fat Client: Fivebits

Services:  Game Design, 2D Art & Illustration, UI & HUD, Design for mobile devices, Branding 


I've made several illustrations and lots of elements and screens to help these awesome guys with their game.

Hope the game will be out soon!



Services: Cover Design

A quick cover I've made for a local artist, more exactly for his new rap album. Although, we didn't have a budget for this, and I had some busy busy days, it was still nice to find the time to design the cover. And, I think it turn out pretty good, even if we didn't have much time, he really liked it! So, this is more like a fast non-profit project example. 🙂

Papaia Branding


Client: Brainy Army

Services: Branding & Illustration

The name stands for "I eat that", or "Eat that". It's our local culinary show, that's available on youtube. I've made a tomato for our logo because I didn't eat tomatoes for 20 years. If I can eat more vegetables, everyone can! Although, tomatoes are really common here, so I'm kind of unique in a way, and foolish in the same time for not eating them...


Ninja Fish

Client: Ninjafish Studios LLC

Services: Branding & Illustration

This is something a little bit older, but why not have a little diversity to showcase. Although, I still find it appealing even today, it could use a small refresh on details.

Monkey Do! Yoga Logo

Monkey Do! Yoga 

Client: Marni Sandler

Services: Branding & Illustration

A fun project to work on, the logo was designed for a yoga studio dedicated to kids. If I were to have a little monkey I'll definitely send it to something like this, maybe he can bring some of that spirit home. Also, yoga could be good for everyone, you should definitely try once, at least on your floor, when no one sees you.

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