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Project: What is food?

Services: 2D Animation, Illustration, Storyboard, Branding, Website Design

Bonus contribution:  Production, Script

About the project:

The animation is part of the project, called just wondering... developed by me and my sister, Andra Ciocoiu. We wanted to share some of our opinions about different world issues and problems that we face today. Thus, we've decided to do this by asking questions and present them through an animated medium.


We know what food should be like, delicious, nutritious and not poisoning. But, how do we actually choose our foods today? It seems like we're attracted to pleasure, confort, need or survival, leaving behind the nutritional value of our food and the side effects of our consumption. Thinking about today's foods and our reactions may help us to see the other side of this story.

Sometimes, it may be better to address questions bound to the ideas or problems that our society encounters, instead of answers.
So, we've been wondering, how do we see the food nowadays and how do we respond to what industries supplies?
just wondering... intro
just wondering... new video

Project: Papaia

Services: Graphic Design, Illustration, 2D Animations, Branding

Bonus contribution:  Production & Script, Video Montage & Voice Over

Project Description:

Papaia started as an easily digestible project made to inspire the everyday food choices and the overall lifestyle, because we believe that food could and should be: good for you body, good for the environment and simply delicious.

We think that a better future can be made from walking on small changes at an individual level. In order to make it happen, we're gathering the latest information in the nutrition field and we're  delivering them along delicious food recipes, combined with a pinch of imagination and creativity. Overall, we've mixed up food experiences, nutritional facts and animations into one of a kind, cooking show.

Papaia (translated into Eat that or I eat that) is an independent local production, made up of our culinary experiments and artistic abilities, so we could awaken the passion for real food, and offer a cheap, healthy and tasty alternative for the meals we eat everyday.


A look inside...

To make it easy to watch, with well documented facts and unique look and sound design, we spend some time working on this show, from script and information, to video recording & editing, drawings, animations and voice over or sounds.
For us, Papaia is more then just a show, it's an attitude, a way of receiving and delivering thoughts about food, life, social surroundings and natural environment.

My contribution:

Well, I've made all the animations for the show, the video montage, a part of the illustrations and drawings. Also, voice-over and some audio, and least but not last I was one of the moderators, so I've also searched for relevant information to prepare the script. 

This was a fresh and great project for me to work on, and I really hope we'll find the time and a way to start an english version in the future aswell!


Project: Buggy Bug Client: Yunio

Services: Game Design, Illustration, Character & Environment Art, UI & HUD, Design for mobile devices, Branding, Animation

Bonus contribution: VFX


This is how the process usually goes, from Illustrator or Photoshop to Spine, our 2d animation program. The ants had different activities and skins, so there was plenty of work on these fellows. More about this project on the illustration page.

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